(Psychologists, Social workers, Psychiatrists)


As a mental health specialist working with Médecins Sans Frontières/Doctors Without Borders (MSF), you can help ensure accessto life saving health care for people in need. MSF mental health specialists:

• supervise and train staff

• provide direct clinical care

MSF provides early psycho social support to survivors of trauma in an effort to reduce the possibility oflong-term psycho logical problems developing. Mental health specialist simplement mental health programs through set-up, monitoring and evaluation of culturally and socially appropriate psycho social interventions.

Essential requirements

• full and current registration

• minimum of a master’s degree in psychology, social work or psychiatry

• minimum two years relevant post-qualification work experience (PTSD, depression, anxiety)

• experience in individual and group counseling

• available to work nine to 12 months

• experience supervising, training and managing others

• strong command of English

• relevant travel or work experience in a developing country or remote parts of Canada

Desirable experience

• relevant experience in: counseling HIV/TB patients, survivors of sexual assault orviolence, psycho education

• experience with immigrant or refugee clients

• knowledge of sexually transmitted infections and family planning programs

• proficiency with Microsoft Office software (especially Excel)

• knowledge of other languages, especially French and Arabic