Thinking of becoming an MSF doctor? Ever wonder what it is like to work with MSF? Ever wonder how those who have gone before you got the experiences they needed to work in medical humanitarian aid? If so, this page is for you!

Every year MSF receives many inquiries from medical students and residents interested in working for our organisation. Many ask what type of experience is necessary to work overseas with MSF and how they can get it. There is no standard answer to these valid questions, however there are a few options you can consider that will give you the skills you need.

Since you are on this page, you are probably already motivated to help people in need by working overseas with MSF. The best ways to prepare for overseas medical humanitarian aid is through exposure to other cultures via overseas electives, work or travel, tropical medicine or Northern Canada clinical experience. Awareness of international humanitarian issues and public health emergencies is also an asset.

FAQ for medical students interested in MSF.

Want to find other overseas employment opportunities or ways to volunteer? Need to find overseas electives? Need a BIG list of interesting books related to humanitarian aid and public health? Check out these links:

Links for medical students.